Herobots™: Coloring & Activity Book for Young Readers

In 2008, Walt Jaschek, Don Secrease and Bill Lux created and published the Herobots™ Coloring and Games Book, now available on Amazon.com. Here are the cover and back cover.



Here’s a video preview of the Herobots coloring book, a flip through the first few pages to Herobotic music, and narrated by Walt himself.

And here, as a bonus to you, the reader, are five free, dowloadable coloring pages of the Herobots and their Bot-Foes: Wheely, Props, Fynn, Trex and Terrobot (he’s a bad guy.)
If you have early colorists looking to turn their crayons loose on superhero robots, dinosaur robots, flying robots, driving robots or swimming robots, have it. Just drag any of the below images to your desktop, print, deliver to the coloring kid in your life, STAT.
Art on all: Don Secrease.



Hope you enjoyed your free coloring page downloads. And hope you have with them… bots of fun. Remember, there’s a Herobots coloring book on Amazon.

– Walt, Don and Bill.

© 2008-2016. Open to licensing opportunities in all media.

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