Action Comics #1000: A Milestone and an Exercise in Impulse Control

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Big day in comicdom! Action Comics #1000 is out, the first comicbook in history to reach that number. It’s also the 80th anniversary (to the day) of Action #1, which introduced Superman to the world. “I’ll buy just ONE COPY of issue #1000,” I said this morning. “I WON’T buy the 9 variant cover editions, each representing a different decade. I WON’T!” One hour later…


Marvel’s No-Prize: Yes, I Won One.

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Memory. 1968. Eighth grade. An envelope arrives from Marvel Comics! In it, another envelope. A No-Prize! Bestowed by then editor-in-chief Stan Lee, who created the No-Prize as a running joke in Marvel Comics letter columns. I wrote a published letter deemed worthy of a No-Prize — and no prize I’ve won since compares.

“Congratulations,” it says. “This envelope contains a genuine Marvel Comics No-Prize which you have just won. Handle with Care.” I did, through the decades. That’s a pic I shot recently. The outer envelope (from 625 Madison Avenue, New York, 10022) has yellowed. The No-Prize itself… is mint.