Terranauts: “The Call of Cold, Dark Places.” Page 1.

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Happy to report I’m writing adventure comics again! Deep into script for a deep-diving tale of The Terranauts, the team created by Paul Daly and Don Secrease. Splash page complete. What new menace taunts the ‘nauts? We’ll find out — in a cold, dark place.


Credits on this page: Pencils by Paul Daly. A great composition meticulously realized. Coloring by Don Secrease. Masterful. Look at that water. Copy and inks by me. (Yeah, inks, too. “Walt Jaschek inking” is not something you usually see in any reasonable reality. But I wanted to try it. Let me tell you, inking Paul’s beautiful pencils is daunting. Fun, but daunting. Also, now my carpel tunnel has carpet tunnel.)

Here’s the fully inked page, just before I sent it to Don to do his amazing color stuff.


We see this as an 8-pager and I’m diving into the rest of the script now.

Walt Jaschek likes spending time in warm, bright places. 

One thought on “Terranauts: “The Call of Cold, Dark Places.” Page 1.

  1. OUTSTANDING! Not only the art work, but the story, the inking and the coloring. Walt, I didn’t know you had been coerced into ‘inking’ Paul’s pencil art. I’ve seen a great deal of his detailed and intricate artwork, so I admire your fortitude. You did Good! It looks great — all of it. Looking forward to page 2.

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